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You know your business needs reviews online. We get reviews from your customers on top local listing sites, search engines, review sites, and social media sites.

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How it works

Brand Assurance makes it easy to showcase your business’s reviews everywhere local consumers are making decisions online.

Collect valuable customer feedback
Get real insight into the customer experience and find ways to improve.
Get great reviews from customers
Automagically ask satisfied customer to write reviews where you need it most.
One dashboard for everything
See all of your reviews, surveys, and competitors in one dashboard.

What our customers are saying

We went from getting 1 review per month to 5-10 reviews per month and are crushing the competition! After only 12 months, we're opening up our 3rd location! I can't wait until they get customer referrals going. Brand Assurance is a complete game changer for my business.

Paul T, Pet Boarding

Having the peace of mind that our brand, our most important asset, is safe is priceless. Not to mention, our incoming leads have gone up and we have direct communication with customers that allows us to create a better customer experience.

Jordan W, Automotive Industry

Our business is very seasonal but we depend on our online reviews because Search Engines are our #1 driver of new customers. With Brand Assurance, I know how well our team is meeting customer expectations and that we're getting customers to share their experiences on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

Jim G, Accounting Firm

I absolutely love this service and what it offers for our residents and also our company. It is very easy to utilize and team is a huge help with questions and answers!!! Thank you for all you do!!!

Kaci F, Apartment Community

Being able to monitor reviews at every location is essential in today's world. Brand Assurance gives us a leg up on the competition. Monitoring and building our reputation is critical. Highly recommend Jim and the team.

Ryan S, Restaurant Chain

In business, your reputation is critical. Before using Brand Assurance, we had a bad reputation. Partly because we didn't know about it and but also because only upset customers would share anything! Brand Assurance has helped us turn our reputation around and know we have the best online reputation in town. Love the Competition tracking feature!

Henry W, Specialty Wines

I appreciate how user friendly it is and love what it does for us. We used t hand out review cards but this is 3-4x more effective and easier. It also saves me from manually searching for our reviews and forwarding them to the owners and relevant team members.

Melanie H, Property Manager

Every customer of ours walks out that door with a smile on their face but nobody writes reviews online for everyone to see. Using this platform, I can easily upload our customers from that week and automatically collect feedback and get new reviews on Google and Yelp. We're quickly catching up to 3rd in our city on Yelp!

Rhea B, Hair Salon

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